Strong and easy communication

Our aim is to enable community and developers communicate with ease.

Meet PICONbello

We identify ICON as one of the best foundations in blockchain sphere with a great aim. We saw the possibility of being a middle-man between ICON organization and the community we are proud to be in, we were thrilled to take the challenge.

Community Based

We are aiming to develop an organization which works for the community with all its effort.


We have a team with excellence in their respective fields.


We are not aiming to get only a part of the ICON community, we want to reach all parts of the community such as ICON holders, developers and supporters.


Reliable & Secure Node

We are going to provide a node with 99.99% uptime and it will be hardened by our team and best sec-ops developers. We are already running nodes on icon testnet conducting tests.

Development Support

We will help developments/projects become reality on ICON with logistic and financial support with our expertise.

Ecosystem Expanding Dapps

We are going to release our 0-fee ICON Decentralized Exchange. It will ease the exchange of every possible ICON token and will bring more people into ICON ecosystem.

More to come

We are constantly evaluating our options since we are focused on community maybe this space is for yours.

Our Team


whit3 is white because he is literally like the white light in physics. White color as a light consists of all other colors when you combine all others you get white. He briefly accepts this motto to his life; he is curious, likes to learn and share with the community. He started developing and designing things in high-school. He was interested in security in those times, and he spent many hours working on it. He worked with many security researchers who were top-skilled of the country for many years.


Emre is an entrepreneur with 10 years of experience on various industries. After he came across with bitcoin in 2014 his focus turned to blockchain and crypto. His first involvement happened in 2015. Since that time Emre help as developer, marketing manager, community manager… to various projects. He wants to help icon ecosystem development in every possible way with his experience and connections.

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